KANVA MART Kanva Fashions Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of private label products for men, women and children. Since its inception in1999, the company has continually strived to create products that follow a body- before-fabric philosophy, placing equal emphasis on comfort, aesthetics and quality.

Kanva was established in the year 1999; it was founded and formed by a young visionary Mr.Nanjundaiah at the age of 23years. The initial investment was a lot of dreams and hard work to achieve the impossible. Today the dream what he saw 14 years back is on a growth path and is providing employment to about more than 3000 people with a multi-crore turnover annually.

With a view to provide the total benefit to the end user retails wing of Kanva took birth and popularly known as KANVA MART. Kanva Mart is a retail wing of Kanva Fashions Ltd. It has established a strong foot hold in Karnataka with 31 marts in operation, about 30 in pipeline for Karnataka and is expanding across India. The retail stores are catering to the domestic markets and fulfilling the requirements of all age groups and sexes. The group is in all intention to expand the same globally and cater to the international market as per its requirements. The targeted store count in India is 500 and about 1000 stores globally. The main areas of concentration for retail stores globally would be Europe, USA and Australia. Stores in South Korea and USA are operational.

The company has also registered itself in about 21 countries in Europe, USA, South Korea and also in Australia for its retail operations.